Monday, October 12, 2009


I absolutely love fall weather. It is just perfect. It's not hot at all, but not too cold. My favorite part is when the leaves change colors. I just wish that trick or treaters would actually come down our street but oh well. This fall is going to be a busy one for me. This week mom and dad are riding around on a cruise ship while me and trevor are just hanging out at home for fall break. On Oct. 24 I am being in the Miss Warren County High pageant. Exciting! This month will also be a very busy cheerleading month because we compete next month on the 21. I cant wait for november! My mom and I will be going to New York City for the Macy's Day Parade with the other senior cheerleaders and Pioneerettes. It is going to be an amazing trip and a great experience.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009's been almost three months

school school school..

so far this week has been so slow. I think the rain makes it even worse. Well last week was great. The fair was here! I love love love the fair :) Dad turned forty and mom had a birthday three days before his. We had him a bonfire cookout and it was really fun. Then gracie beth turned four and we went to her tinkerbell birthday party. It was cute and i just love that girl to death. and Tyler turns eighteen on monday! it's so crazy!!!! :) well i dont really have much to say. but i will post some pictures of whats been going on..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cheerleading Camp!

Hero's Day!

Monday I left for cheerleading camp at 5:45 a.m. The camp was at UT Knoxville so we had a little ways to drive. Hailey Jones and Haley Teeters rode with me down there and it was fun. We talked a lot and were excited to be going. There are four seniors this year Me, Hailey Jones, Haley Teeters and Raven Roberts. We were pretty upset when our coach decided that we would all be in separate rooms. She said that the other girls needed an older girl in their room to keep them on task.

When we got there on Monday we had to unload our stuff and carry it to the building across the street that was our dorm. It took forever to get keys but when we did we ventured up to the third floor and started unpacking in our gross dorms. This year our dorms only had an entry way with the bathroom on the left and the shower on the right. Then two rooms. No one liked to shower out in the open but atleast it had a door. Monday afternoon we headed out to the indoor football field to get started with camp. Its so hot in there. After we had been there for a few hours we had to move to the un air conditioned gym across the street because Peyton Manning was coming the field. How dumb!
our home pom outfit!
Monday night we performed our Home Pom and we did awesome!! We won first place with it! After we performed my mom went home and we went back to the dorms to shower and go to bed.

Tuesday we went back to the field early that morning to get started again. We learned the extreme routine and a cheer to be evaluated on that night. We didnt do very good on our cheer but thats okay.

Wednesday wasn't a good day at first. My stunt group was trying to full and Hannah(flyer) knocked Haley(base) out. Haley fell on the ground and didnt get up. She hurt her hip and said it hurt her to walk. So we had to find vans to ride in for the rest of the day. That was hard because cheerleaders are supposed to walk the enitre time they are at camp. But later that night we went to the gym and when we walked in the door my mom, Lisa Jones, and Shannon Teeters suprised us! They came to watch the seniors try out for all american. even though no one from Warren County made it. Oh well. After we tried out for that we were about to go back to the dorms and Makayla did her back hand spring when she did she hyperextended her elbow. But she was tough and still the stunts and everything.

Thursday, the final day of camp. We were back at the gym practicing to do our extreme routine. We had to perform it in front of everyone and our parents were there. I was pretty bummed because tyler said he couldnt come, but I was standing there talking to my mom and guess who is see walking in, my Tyler! I took off running to him and gave him a huge hug. I missed him so much. and it was so sweet of him to suprise me :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am so glad that it is summer. I love the sun :) Sunday we went to the lake and it was so fun. We had a cookout and then we went tubing and knee boarding. Dad did really good at knee boarding ha. Trevor did pretty good and Tyler would have done good if he could have strapped his knees in. Trevor also tried to ski but he couldnt get up. I only tubed because i really didnt wanna kill myself. It was fun though and i got quite a bit of sun, but i forgot about my senior pictures and now i have lines from my swim suit. oh well hopefully i can get rid of them by then. I cant wait til the next time we go to the lake, so so fun :)

Oh and sunday night i watched the mtv movie awards and Twilight got like every award lol but i also go to see the New Moon trailer. I was so happy and it was great. Too bad the movie comes out in like November :( I cant wait though..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevor!, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Trevors Graduation, and Memorial Day.

Happy Birthday Trevor!
My little brother is fourteen today!! :) he also graduated from eighth grade last week. He got most outstanding student!! He is so smart. Way smarter than me. It sucks.. but i am very proud of him and i hope he keeps doing his best at everything.

The new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 came on last night and seriously i cried. Jon and Kate are on the road to divorce and the sextuplets turned 5!! I really hope they dont get a divorce.. it would be so bad for them and their kids.. I cant wait until next week to see if things are any better.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. and it was fun. I went to my granny and pa's for lunch at 2. We had quite a bit of food and it was nice to be around family. I wish tyler could have came though but his family was having a cook out and he had to do the grilling. But i went over to his house after our lunch and he cleaned the grill lol and i watched. Then we watched Taken and just hung out.

Right now i am eating a sandwich and some strawberries(thanks Valerie) and i am watching re runs of Tori and Dean. The new season of it starts tonight. Cant wait.!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol!!

Kris Allen won American Idol!!! I was so excited when he won. I didnt want Adam to win at all. He's so weird! Kris will definitely make a great album and be a really good artist. I cant wait! I love the way he sings and he is so cute!! He sang really good with Keith Urban last night. It was great. I never really liked American Idol as much as i did this season. I hope next season will be just as great.
Tonight is trevor's gradutation.. He is going to officially be a freshman. lol. I get to pick on him. It's weird that he is going to be at the high school. He just seems so little to me. Like he isn't old enough yet. He's still only thirteen. But is birthday is on May 26.
I am officially finished with school!! Today me and Makayla are going to sale ads for the football program. yay. not. I so dont want to but we have to. atleast i'm not going by myself. I just feel like a loser walking in to a business asking them to buy something... oh well thats all i have for today..